HDF Wall Cladding (1200mm)


Available for use in wall cladding, bulkheads and staircasing. Cost effective, special import Finoak unfinished wall cladding is available in 2 sizes.

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Using wood flooring as wall paneling, cladding, and for bulkheads can offer numerous benefits that contribute to the aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability of a space. Here are some of the advantages:

Warm and Natural Aesthetic: Wood exudes a warm, inviting, and natural beauty. Using wood flooring on walls and bulkheads can create a cozy and visually appealing atmosphere, making spaces feel more comfortable and welcoming.
Durability: Quality wood flooring is known for its durability and ability to withstand wear and tear. When used on walls and bulkheads, it can maintain its integrity over time, providing long-lasting protection and aesthetics.
Easy Maintenance: Wood is relatively easy to clean and maintain. Regular dusting and occasional polishing or waxing can keep wood surfaces looking beautiful for years.
Excellent Insulation: Wood provides natural insulation properties, helping to regulate temperature and humidity within a space. This can lead to energy savings and improved comfort.
Acoustic Benefits: Wood has natural acoustic qualities that can help reduce sound transmission and improve acoustics in a room, making it quieter and more comfortable.
Sustainability: Many wood flooring products are sourced from sustainable forestry practices, which promote responsible harvesting and replanting. Using wood in interior applications can contribute to sustainable design choices.
Resale Value: Incorporating wood wall paneling, cladding, or bulkheads can enhance the resale value of a property by adding a desirable and timeless feature.
Versatility: Wood flooring can be used in various interior spaces, from residential homes to commercial buildings, and can be adapted to different design styles and themes.
Historical and Timeless Appeal: Wood has been used as a building material for centuries and continues to be a timeless choice, adding a touch of tradition and heritage to a space.
Easy Installation: Many wood flooring systems are designed for straightforward installation. This can save time and labor costs compared to more complex wall cladding methods.
Natural Sustainability: Wood is a renewable resource, and the carbon footprint associated with its production is relatively low compared to some other building materials.

Dimensions 1200 × 190 × 10 mm
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HDF Wall Cladding (1200mm)
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